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Fooducate Yourself

If you’re an iPhone user you no longer have an excuse to not be health conscious.  Fooducate is a great new app that you can use to scan the barcodes of grocery store items to see their “grade” of healthiness as well as warnings, alternatives, and user comments, and best of all it’s FREE.  Click the above link to check out sample scans and a link to connect you to the iTunes store to download.

Fooducate also has a blog here where you can read about interesting topics such as appropriate fat consumption, making your own baby food, and egg-buying info.


New Blackbird Blackbird

Blackbird Blackbird’s 18-track Summer Heart LP is out on Bandcamp for $9.99.  Get September’s Modern Disbelief EP for free here.

Blackbird Blackbird- Summer Heart

Those three little words… “Please pirate this”

Though I’m a little late, We Are Trees’ four-song Boyfriend EP is available on Bandcamp here. Try it if you like Grizzly Bear mixed with Arcade Fire.

Easy as 1, 2, free.

“A great record is its own best marketing tool” -Derek Webb,  Co-Founder of NoiseTrade

Everyone loves something for free.  Head over to Noisetrade.com to browse totally free, totally legal music shared by the artists themselves.  Pick an album, enter your email address, receive a code and click on the link provided for a fast, simple, FREE way to get some new music.  Check out Sleeping At Last’s Storyboards- available only until midnight tonight!