Best Albums of 2010

Here it is… one of my favorite times of the year, a look back at the past year’s releases.  And while I have been pretty behind these past couple of months with keeping up on my music, I’m feeling pretty confident about this one.  PLEASE post your list or individual favorites in the comments, as I love reading those as well.

10. Ruby Suns (Fight Softly)
Ruby Suns- Sun Lake Rinsed

9. Arcade Fire (The Suburbs)
Arcade Fire- Rococo

8. Beach Fossils (Beach Fossils)
Beach Fossils- Youth

7. Local Natives (Gorilla Manor)
Local Natives- Sun Hands

6. Band of Horses (Infinite Arms)
Band of Horses- Way Back Home

5. Yukon Blonde (Yukon Blonde)
Yukon Blonde- Wind Blows

4. Blackbird Blackbird (Summer Heart)
Blackbird Blackbird- Happy High

3. Yeasayer (Odd Blood)
Yeasayer- Madder Red

2. Plants & Animals (La La Land)
Plants & Animals- Kon Tiki

1. Beach House (Teen Dream)
Beach House- Norway

Honorable Mentions:
Wild Nothing (Gemini)
Capybara (Try Brother)
Caribou (Swim)


2 responses to “Best Albums of 2010

  1. Nice list, even though it’s a little too “chill” for the coat I like to wear.

    What’s your song of the year?

    • That’s tough, taking into account all the awesome EPs and singles of the year. Aside from top album songs it’d probably be a tie between MINKS’ Ophelia or Funeral Song or Teen Daze’s Shine on, you crazy white cap : )

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