Get Your Vinyl On

We all have our guilty pleasures we treat ourselves with from time to time or our pick-me-ups to put us in a better mood.  For some it’s splurging on electronics, fine wine, or some form of retail therapy.  For others, it’s browsing vinyls at Radioactive Records in Ft. Lauderdale.  Sure, you can find just about anything on the internet these days, but there’s just something about stumbling upon that record you’ve been aching to own.  Voted New Time’s best record store in 2008, Radioactive has everything from new and used vinyls and cds to posters, magazines, and equipment.  They even have a large selection of albums from current bands like Radiohead, Animal Collective, Ratatat, and Weezer.  If they don’t have what you want, they will find it for you.  Really.  I can always count on finding something new there and with an everchanging inventory, I rarely leave empty handed.  For updates, new stock, and in-store shows follow them on your social networking site of choice: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or Blogger.

My latest Radioactive buys:

1.  Cat Stevens- Teaser and The Firecat $1

2.  The Association- Greatest Hits $1

3.  The Beatles- Magical Mystery Tour $2.95

4.  My Morning Jacket- Acoustic Citsuoca $14 (new)

5.  The Who- By Numbers $2.95


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